MailWatch 1.2

A web based front-end to MailScanner

Simple Interface

MailWatch comes with a simple and intuitive Web Interface. Written in PHP and powered by MySQL/MariaDB, browsing incoming and outgoing email is just a click away; color-coded display of recently processed mail make it even easier.

Easy to Install

The easiest MailScanner frontend to install.
Installing MailWatch is just as simple as copying files in the right place, setting right read permissions and personalizing configuration values.

Multiple SMTP Mail Server Support

MailWatch, as MailScanner, supports several SMTP mail server, like PostFix, Exim and Sendmail.
Keep your prefered server, just add MailWatch!

Awesome Reports

Keep an eye on what's going on using reports with customisable filters and graphs.

Per Domain and User Filter

Multiple user levels: user, domain and admin that limit the data and features available to each.

Quarantine management

Quarantine management allows you to release, delete or run `sa-learn` across any quarantined messages.

Centralized View of Multiple Installations

XML-RPC support that allows multiple MailScanner/MailWatch installations to act as one

Community Support

MailWatch is backed by a great and growing community. Joining the support mailing-list is fast and immediate

Open Source

MailWatch is released as Open Source software under GPL V2 licence.