A new beta of MailWatch is released in the wild.


  • Enhanced SQL Black/Whitelist and MailScanner config parser
  • Enable UTF-8 subject encoding

BC Break

  • An UTF8 enabled database schema is in use, read instructions in tools/UTF8_Database directory


  • Enhanced MailScanner.conf parser to catch variable’s value even if there is no space before and/or after = sign
  • Added DISPLAY_IP option to show sender’s IP Address in Quarantine listings and message lists
  • Enhanced SQL Black/Whitelist to allow matching 1, 2, or 3 IP address octets
  • Enhanced SQL Black/Whitelist to allow matching of subdomains
  • Upgraded PEAR packages to last stable versions (some trunk commit was used)
  • Enable UTF-8 subject encoding
  • Fix conflict with GeoIP PHP extension