Lot of work for this closer step to final release!


This RC1 of MailWatch 1.2 implements translation of user interface, secure user’s password hashing and some layout fix


  • Display load average if /proc/loadavg doesn’t exists but /usr/bin/uptime does
  • Improve loggings for connections not coming from
  • Add hide High Spam and High MCP options
  • Update geoip.inc to v1.15
  • Fix path in the install manual
  • Add Microsoft Active Directory compatibility support
  • Fix timezone warning on sf_version and viewmail
  • Check GeoIP data file size before using GeoIP functions
  • Add hide Non Spam option
  • Quick hack on fixing duplicate header issue (#154)
  • Fix reports graph color management
  • A better sendmail_relay init file
  • Fix GeoIP extension and php libary conflict on constants definition
  • get_conf_truefalse returns true if value is a string
  • Enable LDAP over SSL
  • Fix virus count sorting on “Virus Report”
  • Remove additional slashes in “SpamAssassin Rule Description Update”
  • Adding translation to user interface
  • Add LOGO path in conf.php.example and changes done in corresponding files.
  • Layout changes in quarantine.php, other.php, sf_version.php
  • Removed duplicate PHP function in tools/Cron_jobs/quarantine_report.php (is in functions.php)
  • Changes in tools/Sendmail_relay/INSTALL (to be accurate with Debian/Ubuntu)
  • Changes in tools/Sendmail_relay/sendmail_relay.init (change maillog to mail.log)
  • Background color change in login.php
  • Add clamav and spamassassin version in sf_version.php
  • Changes in INSTALL and UPGRADING (to be accurate with Debian/Ubuntu)
  • Modified footer function in functions.php (page footer and DEBUG for page_creation_timer)
  • Add a check for ‘subtests=’ to add space after comma (to fit the screen) in sa_lint.php
  • Upgrade password hash function from MD5 to a crypt() compatible one
  • Add option to enable/disable IP address resolution on status page
  • Improving upgrade.php script
  • Sanitize user input on reports
  • Rewrite of GeoIP file download procedure
  • Decline login as LDAP group
  • Move luser add-on to another git repository
  • Better logging of UTF8 subjects