PHP7 for everyone.


This RC4 of MailWatch 1.2 adds PHP7 compatibility, migrate to mysqli extension and adds compatibility to LDAP servers other than Active Directory


  • Move to MySQLi PHP extension
  • PHP 7 compatibility
  • Use utf8mb4 on capable systems (MySQL >= 5.5.3)
  • Fix geoip function dereclaration
  • Warn on missing sa-learn binary
  • Add SA_PREFS to list of SpamAssassin rules direcotory
  • Improve session cookie security
  • Upgrade pear packages
  • Filter LDAP username and password before passing them to LDAP server
  • Improve LDAP compatibility with server other than Active Directory
  • Remove password change functionality for LDAP Domain Admin and User
  • Permit LDAP login with password containing special characters
  • Code cleanup
  • Updated translations