Never seen so much new features in a release candidate.


More power to domain admin, new script structure and names, user password reset, no more editing of .pm files, Improve support for IPv6/Exim/UTF-8.


  • Add the ability for domain admins to create/edit/delete users of the same domain
  • Reorganization of Tools directory
  • Add filter on audit report
  • Add the possibility to ‘Clear’ bayes database in Bayes Info page
  • Add password reset
  • Move database setup in separate perl module (
  • Improved upgrade.php script
  • Improve compatibility with MailScanner V5
  • Improve IPv6 support
  • Improve UTF8 compatibility and add support for utf8mb4 in perl module
  • Improve LDAP compatibility
  • Add better Exim queue count
  • Fix printing in some reports
  • Fix for auto/unknown Virus scanner
  • A lot of cosmetic enhancement
  • Code cleanup
  • Updated translations