A new version of MailWatch is released in the wild.


A lot of fixes for session management and some regressions introduced in 1.2.0; improved performance and decoding of queue files.



  • Show RBL list in Message Detail
  • Better decoding of sender and subject in Mail Queue
  • Disable browser caching to prevent token mismatch
  • Add unique token to logged emails
  • Clean orphaned filter in upgrade.php
  • Add optional skinning of web interface
  • Moved upgrade doc to online documentation
  • Improved performance
  • Enhanced session expiration
  • Prevents domain admins from editing their own filters
  • Allows domain admins to view, edit, add, and delete users in their filter domains
  • Code refactoring to clean up duplication and code smell


  • Fix regression on some input validation (the Bad Dog Biting Bug™)
  • Rename 00MailWatchConf.pm to MailWatchConf.pm, which is failing on some perl versions
  • Fix Audit log access
  • Don’t permit logged in Admin/Domain admin to delete his/her user
  • Fix MailWatchConf.pm loading on some platforms
  • Remove double ldap_escape on username
  • Fix upgrade.php failing on some MariaDB versions
  • Fix MIME part visualization
  • Fix session loop