A new version of MailWatch is released in the wild.


Several improvement on user sessions and quarantine reports, plus a lot of fixes, above all browser multitab surfing and multiselect on message operations



  • Better compatibility for MySQL 5.7 (ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY)
  • Disable broken VIRUS_INFO per default
  • Better handling of Postfix message ids
  • Allow plus sign in username
  • Add ability to send quarantine report to single user
  • Enable users to immediately send his own quarantine report
  • Add ability for users to select the language of the gui
  • Converted some graph to Chart.js
  • Warn about installing PHP XML extension where not present
  • Add option to specify HELO hostname for SMTP transactions
  • Improved Sendmail queue code
  • Allow blacklisting and whitelisting an entire TLD
  • Use domain admin username as domain filter
  • Database driven session enhancements
  • Add per user session timeout
  • Provides visual display of release and learned messages
  • Enhanced detail page printing
  • Enhanced upgrade.php
  • Localization updates
  • Code refactoring to clean up duplication and code smell


  • Ignores MailScanner config files (conf.d/*) in subfolders and hidden files
  • Options in messages operations do not select all the lines when clicking S/H/F/R
  • Fix issue where Mail Queue on status page displayed intermittently
  • Fix sa-learning in languages containing special chars in submit text (e.g. German)
  • Fix session conflict and multitab surfing
  • Fix broken html with certain virus names
  • Fix duplication of default rule in msre_edit.php
  • Fix errors with /etc/cron.daily/mailwatch scripts
  • Create.sql can be run on MySQL <= 5.5 again
  • Fix & encoding in links
  • Fix SA-Learn blocking apache server