A new version of MailWatch is released in the wild.


A maintenance release that fixes some MySQL/MariaDB upgrade issues and improves user experience



  • Support for multiple virus scanners and multiple top viruses (#874)
  • Add detection of MySQL or MariaDB in upgrade process (#873)
  • Prevents Mail Queue summary from duplicating mail count when local server is defined in RPC list (#904, #905)
  • Enhance upgrade.php with check for conf.php syntax and MailScanner.conf existence
  • Better UI on tables and graphs
  • Improved translations


  • Fixes issue when sanitization causes ampersand to be html-ified (#882)
  • Fix mailwatch-sendmail-relay init script (#881)
  • Fix code for php 5.3 compatibility (#889)
  • Fix path to mtalogprocessor file in senmail_relay (#912)
  • Remove on update/default value for timestamp in maillog table (#915)
  • Permit up to 20 chars in first part of Postfix msgid (#652)