A new version of MailWatch is released in the wild.


SECURITY FIX: update MailScanner .pm modules to prevent bypass of blacklists. IMAP auth support, better handling of Hebrew charset, we speak 日本語 now!



  • More restricted access to library and public available files (#990)
  • Fix email blacklist bypass when an email with more than 2 normal recipient is processed (#255, #992)


  • Add check for path of postconf, exim and sendmail executables in sf_version.php (#948)
  • Enable use of ‘&’ in username (#964)
  • Add f-prot 6 virus scanner support
  • Enlarge localhost ip detection to full class
  • Add IMAP auth support (#961)
  • Better support for Hebrew charset
  • Add Japanese language translation
  • Updated translations
  • Some code refactoring


  • Uniform use of IMAGES_DIR as a relative path instead of an absolute path (#944)
  • Fix admins editing domain admins
  • Fix LDAP sAMAccountname not being used for login (#955)
  • Fix domain admins not being able to change own password
  • Fix ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY MySQL error (#733)
  • Fix UTF8 headers in viewmail
  • Update sudoers file to use mailq to match conf.php.example