A new version of MailWatch is released in the wild.



  • More restricted access to library and public available files (#990)
  • Fix email blacklist bypass when an email with more than 2 normal recipient is processed (#255, #992)


  • Add ldap debug script
  • Update documentation
  • Improve sudo config to work with Postfix and Exim
  • Add mailwatch_update_sarules.php cronjob script
  • Use MAILWATCH_SMTP_HOSTNAME if defined on Release from quarantine (#1038)
  • Enable use of dn field as username field (#427, #1029)


  • Fix Postfix log processor (#1021)
  • Make msre reload script work on systemd
  • Fix error on undefined $_SERVER[‘HTTPS’] index
  • Fix logout process (#1044)
  • Fix email validation for username (#1042)