A new version of MailWatch is released in the wild.



  • More performant and reliable milter queue relay parsing
  • Permit IPv4-mapped IPv6 address in audit_log table
  • Add support for F-Secure 12 antivirus status (#1239)
  • Better compatibility with PHP 8


  • Fix missing Serializer directory
  • Prevent Logging failure in MailWatch.pm
  • Prevent MailWatch.pm from dying prematurely
  • Prevent SQLBlackWhiteList.pm from dying prematurely
  • Prevent SQLSpamSettings.pm from dying prematurely
  • Revert rule column to 191 chars (#1125)
  • Remove some deprecated php functions and variables
  • Correct directory check in msmail genericqueue()
  • Require database class earlier to prevent fatal error on calling audit_log function (#1247)